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SEND A VALENTINE GRAM and Support a student!

Some EXAMPLES of Valentine Grams we have created

THIS VALENTINE'S DAY WE ARE INVITING YOU TO SPREAD DOUBLE THE LOVE and support our REFUGEE students through this valentine's day fundraiser.

*$10 DONATION to send a valentine gram.

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When you donate and send a Valentine's message through our service you are not ONLY HELPING someone Special smile, BUT YOU ARE ALSO helping our refugee students PRACTIcE modern creative skills and earn income for their families.

You are also saving yourself time from creating a fantastic Personalized Valentine's Gram.

Who Should I Send a Message to?

Valentine's Day isn't just for that secret crush you've been meaning to contact the past half year.

Consider sending a Valentine's message to family and friends and let them know you are thinking about them.

Kind Words are Our Favorite Words.

Working with positive and supportive messages, like those typically found in a valentine's message, Help us maintain a positive attitude while Learning and working on projects with donors.

Thank you for helping us show the world our hearts.

Send Anonymously!

Sometimes you want your crush to play a guessing game… We get it!

After typing your message just be sure to click on the checkbox shown in the image below to ensure your message is sent anonymously.

When will my message be sent?

We will send out emails to all recipients on the morning of February 14.

However, for an additional donation you can have your Valentine’s Gram “rush delivered" and we will send it within 24 hours of your order.

What will messages look like?

The email address we send all Valentine’s Gram messages from is

Unless you request otherwise, the subject of the email will read:

HELLO, NAME, someone sent you a special Valentine’s message!

We will BCC you when we send the email so you can rest assured that it has been delivered.

Ready to send your message?