Rawan’s Story

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Rawan’s Story

I kept this coin with me when we left so I could at least have something that reminds me of my beloved home country, Sudan. There are a few reasons this coin means a lot to me.
The first and most important reason is that it was given to me by my uncle. He is one of the kindest people I have ever known.

Another reason is that it reminds me of the old days when one pound used to buy you a bottle of juice and some candy. (laughing)

Whenever I remember these days, I start feel happy and start to smile. Even if they weren’t always the best times.

It is a round metallic silver coin with a smooth texture. It has a stamp of a picture of the central bank of Sudan on its back. This is the most recent version of the Sudan 1 pound coin, which was made in 2011.
It has about the same weight as a plastic pen and is similar in size to my hoop earrings.
Nowadays, many people say that money is everything. Yes, money does play a big role in our lives, but always remember that:

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